Will Monks – Stone Mason & Carpenter

Will Monks works closely with his clients to create stone and carpentry projects carefully designed for their needs and desires.

  • Stone patios, walkways, walls, veneer, pillars, steps, and fireplaces.
  • Decks, gazebos, stairs, trellises, fences, and retaining walls. 

Will has 30+ years experience as a stone mason and carpenter. 

  • He is a licensed contractor in Estes Park, Colorado and California.
  • Will has owned his construction business in Estes Park for 10+ years.
  • He worked as a stone mason and carpenter in California for 20+ years. 

Will’s experience spans the continent. 

  • He grew up in New Jersey, where his mother, brother, sister, and their families still reside. 
  • Will moved to California after a tour of duty in the US Navy.  He began his construction career there, in his early 20′s.
  • Will lives with his wife, Karen, in a woodland cabin near Estes Park, Colorado. When time allows, they spend some winter months in Arizona.
The picture above shows the amphitheatre-style seating around the patio behind the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Will built this seating with stacked, natural Colorado buff flagstone.  The Stanley Hotel sits prominently on a hill above Estes Park. It was built by F.O Stanley, an inventor of the Stanley Steamer, a steam propelled vehicle.  Mr. Stanley was instrumental in establishing Estes Park. The television mini-series version of “The Shining” was filmed at the Stanley Hotel.